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Free Art-Making Activities

Welcome to our art-making activities hub! Please see the below videos for 4 different art activities led by Bryn Du Art Center instructor, Michelle Boerio. All can be done from home and are appropriate for all skill levels and ages! These are each a little unique as we needed to work with items we thought you could find around your house - we hope you have a wonderful time creating some masterpieces at home!

Feel free to share photos of you and your creations by email. They just may show up on our instagram or facebook page!

*Image is of 2019 Bryn Du Art Show Artist Mark Greenwood helping to paint the Bryn Du Quilt Barn Square which was that year's main public art-making activity.


Continuous Line Drawing 

A super easy yet surprisingly effective and soothing art actvity for all skill levels. Have fun and let yourself enjoy the fluid nature of this continuous line drawing activity.

imagined landscapes.png

Imagined Landscapes 

Create a wacky landscape from your imagination with these simple supplies! Feel free to turn it into a card to send to a friend or loved one!

personal still lives.png

Personal Still Life

Use household items to create a still life scenario that brings you joy! Inspired by famous still life paintings.


Found Objects Mobiles

Create a your own unique and whimsical sculpture mobile from simple household materials.

Donations are welcomed.

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