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About the Bryn Du Artist in Residence Program


Applications are open from June 1 to August 31, 2024.

The focus of Bryn Du’s Artist in Residence program is to enhance local awareness and engagement in the arts by introducing new and varied artists to the Granville community throughout the calendar year. Equally important, the Bryn Du Artist in Residence program will provide an inspirational setting for the creation of artistic works by one artist at a time, of any discipline, over an 8 or 12 week time frame. While in residence, the chosen artist will reside in the Cramer House, the renovated laundry building designed for Artists in Residence, behind the Bryn Du Mansion. Artists may be in any stage of their career to apply and participate in a Bryn Du residency.


Residencies at Bryn Du are open nationwide for artists of all disciplines to apply including but not limited to those in the fields of visual arts, literature, music, theatre, fashion, dance, storytelling and audiovisual studies. Residencies are available in the Winter (January-March), Summer (June-August) and Fall (September-November). Upon applying, artists will specify which seasons they may be interested in and if they prefer an 8 or 12 week residency. The application window is open from June 1 through August 31 for residencies in the following calendar year. There is a $15 non-refundable application fee.


All Artists in Residence are expected to provide a minimum of 2 community engagement activities per month which will be agreed upon by Bryn Du and the artist prior to the residency. Examples might include a community poetry reading, performance on the outdoor stage, artist talk or gallery show. Bryn Du is open to lots of ideas and will happily work with accepted artists to determine engagement activities that are enjoyable to the artist, may advance his or her journey, and engage the community. Stipends include $2000 for an 8 week residency and $3000 for a 12 week residency.


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FAQ for Artists

Please read in entirety before applying.

How many artists usually apply for the Bryn Du Artist in Residence program?

This is a great question! Our Artist in Residence program began in the fall of 2019 with an invitation-only application process. The 2022 season was the first held as an open application process. Bryn Du received 31 applications from artists nationwide of varying mediums and accepted 3 for the 2022 calendar year.

What is the timing like for the selection process?

The application system is open from June 1 – August 31 for the following year’s residencies. Chosen artists will be notified of their acceptance by October 31.

Who can apply for Bryn Du’s AIR program?

Artists at any stage of their career are welcome to apply. All artistic disciplines will be considered. Feel free to contact the office with any specific inquiries prior to applying. Must be 18 years of age or older and reside in the United States.

Are collaborations or collectives allowed to apply for a residency?

Unfortunately, the Bryn Du Artist in Residence program is only equipped to host one artist at a time.

Who will be reviewing my application?

Applications will be reviewed by staff, board members and community members who will be looking at quality of work, potential interest to the community, and community engagement activity ideas.

How much does Bryn Du award each resident? Is there a fee to be in residency at Bryn Du?

Bryn Du’s Artists in Residence will receive a $1000 stipend for every 4 weeks of their stay on campus. It is expected that an artist will reside on site for either 8 or 12 weeks. There is no “fee” that the artist will pay to Bryn Du for their stay. Artists are responsible for their own materials, food, etc. See below.

If chosen, how do I get to Bryn Du?

Bryn Du is in the beautiful village of Granville, 30 minutes east of Columbus, Ohio. Chosen artists will be responsible for travel expenses and for getting themselves to the property.

How is the Cramer House (Artist in Residence cottage) set up?

The Cramer House is located behind the main Bryn Du Mansion on campus. It is a 2-story stand-alone building that used to be the laundry house for the property so it is a fun and unique space. Upon entering the front door, you will see stairs directly in front of you that lead to the main living areas on the 2nd floor. On the first floor, to the right of the front entrance, is a full kitchen with vaulted ceiling and a door to the back of the building. To the left of the front entrance is a large all-purpose tiled room with built in bookshelf, a half bathroom and the stairs to the unfinished basement for laundry. Heading up the stairs leads you to a full bathroom with shower to the right, and a large open bedroom combined with living room space to the left. The bedroom includes a queen-sized bed with side tables and a dresser, a desk area and a sitting area complete with loveseat, table and additional chairs. Off of the bedroom is a very large walk-in closet, as well. There is a concrete walkway leading to the building itself which is surrounded by grassy areas and trees to the back. The Cramer House is considered a private residence when an artist is residing there - nothing in the building is considered a shared space.

Is transportation available for the AIR to use?

As of right now, there is no transportation available for the AIR’s use. We suggest bringing your car if possible. There is a designated parking spot for the AIR to use right outside the Cramer House. Bryn Du is located in Granville, Ohio – which has a lovely village downtown area that is very walkable. In town are a CVS, banks, restaurants, shops, inns, library and Village Hall. On the outskirts of the village are also additional stores, restaurants and businesses including a grocery store. The center of the Village is approximately 2 miles from Bryn Du and the grocery store is approximately 2.5 miles from Bryn Du.  There is also an Uber/Lyft driver in town, and the Cramer House owns a bike that is available for use.

What is included in my stay?

The AIR will receive free housing at the Cramer House, a private AIR cottage on the Bryn Du property, and a stipend (see above). Bryn Du will not charge rent and will pay for all utilities including electric, water, gas and internet. The AIR is responsible for all needed materials, food, paper products, additional consumables and personal items. The Cramer House is equipped with an internet-connected television, desk with black and white printer, queen bed with linens, bath towels, and fully equipped kitchen including coffee maker, kuerig and microwave. A personal sized washer and dryer is available for use in the basement of the same building. As part of the residency, the AIR will also be able to access various buildings and spaces on campus as is needed for working on his or her craft. These must be pre-arranged with staff and are dependent on availability.

Is the Cramer House a quiet place?

Often, yes! Throughout the year there are various events on campus, however. You might encounter weddings happening on the weekend or a cross country group running by. There are times that the campus is quite busy and other times when it is serene and peaceful. Large events will always be communicated to the AIR so there aren’t any surprises. During the 2024 year, it is very likely that there will be construction in the building next to the Cramer House.

What sort of possible communities might the AIR work with for engagement activities?

The AIR can engage with all different age groups! In addition to being the home of Denison University, there are a number of additional schools in town, both public and private. Programming might also be arranged for seniors through the local senior center (which resides on site at Bryn Du) or two retirement communities. The public library is another great space that we partner with regularly. Community engagement activities can be arranged for individuals of all ages and we are happy to entertain any and all ideas. The Bryn Du campus itself is set-up to offer all different types of experiences in one of our many spaces, indoor or outdoor. Please note that all AIRs are required to obtain a background check prior to their residencies.

Am I able to bring my pet?

At this time, pets are not allowed in the Cramer House.

How will I find out if I have been accepted as a Bryn Du Artist in Residence?

Chosen artists will be contacted directly by Bryn Du to make arrangements. The names of the 2024 artists in residence will be posted online once final contracts have been signed.

Have additional questions?

Your application is not complete until you finalize the payment. 

Bryn Du is a proud member of the Artist Communities Alliance.

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