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Welcome to the Licking County Quilt Barn Trail

HOW TO TRAVEL THE QUILT BARN TRAIL: Bring a friend or family member to help navigate your trip and make sure you either have addresses pulled up on your phone or have printed directions out ahead of time. The order below has you start at the Bryn Du Mansion, takes you on a loop through Licking County and brings you back to Granville to complete the trail. There's no wrong way to do the trail, though, so choose whatever path in whatever order you'd like! Remember to give yourself extra time to enjoy the sights! *Please note that the majority of these squares belong to private owners - we ask that you be respectful as you drive the trail.


#1. 537 Jones Rd., Granville, OH

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Bryn Du Art Show in 2019, visitors to the show helped paint the square together as a community. Various quilt barn square patterns were merged to create one very special square representing the past, present and future of Bryn Du and the local community. The Ohio star anchors the patterns with its blue, red, and white colors. A variation of the wedding ring pattern graces the corners of the square to represent all those who have chosen to begin their married lives at Bryn Du. The green and charcoal railroad pattern represents the Jones family, long-time owners of the Mansion, who made their fortune from coal and railroads. The green color itself highlights the past farmland of Bryn Du and the current Great Lawn. In the center of the square visitors will find the school house quilt pattern representing Granville's core roots in education. Finally, the school house is surrounded by a paint palette to represent Bryn Du's dedication to arts and culture in our community. The palette paint colors themselves highlight each of the local schools (blue: Granville Exempted School District, purple: Granville Christian Academy, green: Welsh Hills School, red: Denison University). The 2019 Bryn Du Mansion Inaugural Quilt Barn sponsors include Donatos Pizza (Granville)Ohio MagazineRedwood NeighborhoodsPark National BankSunbelt Rentals, Compasspoint Ohio Group and the Village of Granville. Created with grant assistance from the Ohio Arts Council and the Granville Arts Commission. The square can be found on the large barn towards the back of the Bryn Du property. 

quilt sq new.jpg

#2: 5559 Chestnut Hills Road, Newark, OH

This colorful square is hosted by the Conway family.

Stevenson Barn_edited.jpg

#3. 8955 Hunt Rd St., Louisville, OH

This Ohio square Quilt Barn is hosted by the Stevenson family. The square itself is painted on a Century Farm (a farm or ranch in the United States or Canada that has been officially recognized by a regional program documenting that the farm has been continuously owned by a single family for 100 years or more).


#4. 9309 Reynolds Rd., Newark, OH

This Case IH Barn Quilt is hosted by Shipley Farms.


#5. 5329 Van Fossen Rd., Johnstown, OH

This quilt barn square was painted by three artist helpers at Flying J Farm. The owner's first passion was flying (during his "first career" he was an aviation psychology professor at OSU!) so the painting represents four paper airplanes in the blue sky pointing toward the sun. There is marked parking across the driveway from the barn but in dry conditions you may also park on the lawn.


#6. 4805 Johnstown-Alexandria Rd., Johnstown, OH

Created in 2012 by Girl Scout Troop 368 for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts (on State Rt 37 at the St Rt 310 intersection). This is a relatively busy area so please be careful of traffic as you slow down to admire the square. You may pull into the driveway to better view the square.

quiltsquare Palmer Rd.jpg

#7. 12000 Palmer Rd. SW, Etna, OH

This quilt barn square resides on a suburban organic homestead. It combines the owner's love of quilting with her love of gardening.  The pine tree block was chosen because it best represents Appalachia, the area from which the owner is from (between Mink and Tollgate). This square is towards the back of the owner's property (to the right of the main house) but can be seen from the street. You may pull into the driveway.


#8. 3995 Raccoon Valley Rd., Granville, OH

“Stronger Together” was created in 2018 in a patriotic manner, based on a familiar logo (just past Hardscrabble Road on Raccoon Valley Road when heading east towards Granville, next to the log cabin). This square can be found to the back left of the property's main building. Feel free to pull into the driveway so you can more easily view the square.

#9 Pataskala.jpeg

#9  1331 Mink St. SW., Pataskala, OH

This square is the Mariner’s Compass. A previous owner had permanently installed several compasses in concrete at the property, so this block fits right in to the original designs of the home owner. Compasses are used to guide one’s path, so it is thought that this compass will help guide friends and family home.

Download a printable version of the Licking County Quilt Barn Trail here.

Thank you for visiting the Licking County Quilt Barn Trail! If you have a quilt barn in Licking County, Ohio that you would like included in the trail, please email a photo of your quilt barn, location and any additional pertinent information to

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