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FREE "Kids Night" Activities

Thanks for joining us for your own at-home version of our annual "Kids Night" at the Bryn Du Art Show! While the show is family-friendly and children are always welcome, we absolutely love creating a special evening filled with activites for the kids every year... and this is the next best thing!  Enjoy the below scavenger hunt as well as  2 art-making videos led by Bryn Du Art Center instructor, Sarah Gray. Have a great time and feel free to email a picture of you working on your creations or scavenger hunt to us! With your permission, they might just end up on our instagram or facebook page!

PS: Adults may find these activites fun, too! 

2021 Bryn Du Art Show Scavenger Hunt

Watch the Art Show overview video and study the catalog to find the following things. Check them off as you go or write down your answers! *Great for kids of all ages!

1. Find the piece that makes you want to sit down and relax on it!

2. Find an artwork that is mostly black and white.

3. Can you locate a piece of abstract art (it has no recognizable subject)?

4. Which of the pieces of art highlights someone you would like to talk  with? What would you talk about? There are at least 20 artworks with people in them… can you find them all?

5. Find the artworks that have to do with weather. Hint: Look carefully at the titles – there are at least 4.

6. Find a piece of art that makes you feel happy. Do you see many artworks that bring out an emotion in you?

7. Find a piece of art that has your favorite colors in it!

8. Locate the pieces of art that showcase locations - these are often called landscapes. Which one makes you want to visit that place?

9. Find all of the prize-winning pieces!

10. Can you locate all of the pieces that highlight flying creatures? Hint: There are at least 5 but not all of them are birds!

11. Locate the one piece of art that comes from outside of the continental United States. 

12. Find a very colorful piece that is made from sheep’s wool.

13. Which artwork best represents Ohio? We are thinking of one in particular... can you figure out which one it is?

14. If you were one of the artists in this year’s Art Show, which piece would you have liked to have created? Why?

15. Which art piece is YOUR personal favorite? Go ask for a parent or guardian's help so that you can vote for it in this year's Community Choice Awards!

Learn to create something beautiful in the manner of contemporary artist, Jen Stark! This super fun and colorful project is sure to make you happy!


In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, get ready to make your own very special Clover Collage!


Donations are welcomed.

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