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Bryn Du Commission

Our Mission

 The historic preservation of the property and providing facilities for the

cultural, recreational and educational benefit of the community.

Candi Moore

Board President

Township Representative (since 2006)

Reed Fraley


Chamber Representative (since 2008)

Jurgen Pape

Board Member

Village Representative (since 2007)

Joe Hickman

Board Member

Township Representative (since 2017)

Keith Myers

Board Member

Village Representative (since 2017)

Steve Stilwell

Board Member

Village Representative (since 2022)

Suzanne Baker

Board Member

Chamber Representative (since 2023)

Athena Koehler

Executive Director

Hired 2012

Tara Gordon

Director of Marketing, Programming and Engagement

Hired 2022

Janis Greenleaf

Event Coordinator

Hired 2024

brown wooden bench under shade of tree during daytime_edited.jpg

Support Bryn Du

Yours is a long lasting tribute, part of the Bryn Du landscape for many years to come. 

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