Our Historic Barn

Our Historic Barn

The great white barn that has graced the Bryn Du Estate for the last century used to house prize winning horses belonging Sally Jones Sexton of the Jones family, former owners of the estate. 

Today it is home to the new Bryn Du Quilt Barn Square. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Bryn Du Art Show in 2019, visitors to the show helped paint the square together as a community. Various quilt barn square patterns were merged to create one very special square representing the past, present and future of Bryn Du and the local community. The Ohio star anchors the pattern with its red, white and blue colors. A variation of the wedding ring pattern graces the corners of the square to represent the couples who have chosen to begin their married lives at Bryn Du. The green and charcoal railroad pattern represents the John Sutphin Jones family, long-time owners of the Mansion, who made their fortune from railroads and coal. The green color itself highlights the past farmland of Bryn Du and the current Great Lawn. In the center of the square visitors will find the school house quilt pattern representing Granville's core roots in education. Finally, the school house is surrounded by a paint palette to represent Bryn Du's dedication to arts and culture in our community. The palette paint colors themselves highlight each of the local schools (blue: Granville Exempted School District, purple: Granville Christian Academy, green: Welsh Hills School, red: Denison University).


The 2019 Bryn Du Mansion Inaugural Quilt Barn sponsors include Donatos Pizza (Granville), Ohio Magazine, Redwood Neighborhoods, Park National Bank, Sunbelt Rentals, Compasspoint Ohio Group and the Village of Granville. Created with grant assistance from the Ohio Arts Council and the Granville Arts Commission. The square can be found on the East side of our large historic white barn towards the back of the Bryn Du property. 


    This space is not available for rental at this time. Merely enjoyment.


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