Formal Garden

Formal Garden

Bryn Du's Formal Garden redesign began in 2009 as part of the Bryn Du Commission's Master Plan. It is comprised of Green Mountain Boxwood on it's north and western perimeters, Oak Leaf Hydrangea at the north and southern entrances, and pink Spirea on the eastern perimeter wall. Inside in the late spring the entire garden bursts to life with pink Peonies. The fountain garden area is home to the lion head spigot spewing water into a large stone bowl surrounded by a variety of Daffodils in the spring and Autumn Joy Sedums in the fall. The southern end hides a secret garden through the arch covered in Clematis and Trumpet Vine.  Hardy Crane's bill, Pachychandra, and yellow Epimedium round out most of the plantings in this lovely almost secluded space. 


    The Formal Garden is available for ceremonies when the Mansion is booked in conjunction.


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