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Bryn Du Mansion executive director Bruce Cramer received the 2016 Tourism Partner of the Year award from Explore Licking County at their annual Impact Awards celebration Tuesday evening at the Midland Theatre. The Impact Awards recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations throughout the county who are responsible for impacting the county’s tourism and hospitality industry which generated $390.4 million in business activity in the last reporting year according to Explore Licking County executive director, Dan Moder.

Bruce has been executive director at Bryn Du Mansion for 11 years. He has been instrumental in making the Bryn Du Mansion a center for community programs and events in addition to attracting significant tourism dollars to Granville and area businesses.

Below is an excerpt of Dan Moder’s award presentation to Bruce.

“Tonight’s Tourism Partner of the Year recipient is a veteran of our industry.  Having spent so many years of his career playing the good host, in this house that was built by rail and coal barons…the house that had played host to the likes of Presidents:  Coolidge, Taft and Harding…a house that had served coffee to stage and screen legends Lillian Gish and Katherine Cornell…this house that had heard the music of Rachmaninoff coming from the living room Steinway…it is a grand house…and he was proud to be its steward into the future.  

I personally know that he is…The Planner…The Peace Keeper…the Pleaser.  Others have described him in terms like:  Accommodating…attentive…caring…fun and awfully easy going.

With all of those qualities…a vision that far exceeds expectations…a tireless sense of optimism…and with Susan at his side…Athena to his right, and Quincy on his heels, tonight’s winner sets the standard for which we should all aspire.  When it comes to acts of hospitality, guest care, kindness and attention to detail…he’s the best of the best.  All of us at Explore Licking County love him, and are feeling pretty proud of him this evening. Tonight he will join the growing list of tourism pioneers in Liking County including:  Marcia Downes, The Dager Family, Bill and Pat Weaver, Luke Messinger and J-me Braig.  

So…on behalf of the Explore Licking County Board of Directors, it is my great privilege to award the 2016 Tourism Partner of the Year Award to our dear friend:  Bruce Cramer"

Congratulations Bruce.