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Tonya Ramsey


Tonya received a bachelors degree in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and pursued a masters degree in Art Education from The Ohio State University.  Tonya has worked as a designer of textile patterns, a graphic artist for digital and print materials, and as an educator, technical director and computer graphics animator at Disney Feature Animation Studios in Los Angeles. Her paintings and drawings have been displayed at state and regional venues. Tonya is a member of the Ohio Pastel Artists League, Ohio Plein Air Society, and Central Ohio Plein Air. Growing up in Licking County, Tonya spent many hours outside swimming, hiking, planting gardens and ice skating, which fostered her love of nature. Most of Tonya’s painting is done outside from life because it brings excitement and immediacy to the artistic process. In a few brief hours, before the light and weather conditions have altered, she creates paintings inspired by her love of nature in the plein air tradition. In addition to painting, Tonya hosts artwork by local artists at Buckeye Lake Gallery.